Your opinions are valuable...

Make them rewarding, make them count.

What is Nectar Canvass?

Nectar Canvass is a market research panel. When you join it you are joining lots of other Nectar collectors who have agreed to give their opinions on various topics in exchange for Nectar points.

What is market research?

Many companies carry out market research in order to find out what people like you think of their products, services or advertising. Perhaps they want to find out whether people will like their new packaging, or a new product they want to launch. They create online questionnaires known as 'surveys' which contain all the questions they want to ask. By giving your views in these surveys you are influencing the development of these products and services, so your views really count.

How does Nectar Canvass work?

Nectar Canvass will send you regular emails inviting you to take part in these surveys, or you can visit the Nectar Canvass website and take a survey whenever you like. The length of each survey will differ, but will be stated on the introduction page, as well as the number of Nectar points you will receive for completing it to the end. 

Participation is voluntary, you can take part in as many or as few surveys as you wish. 

The start of the survey will typically ask you for information about yourself, for example your age, gender, and what region you live in. Nectar Canvass doesn't share your personal information with anyone, which is why you need to complete these questions on many of the surveys you take part in. 

Sometimes surveys will then have questions to identify that the company is speaking to the right person. They might only be interested in people that buy a certain product, or have never used a particular service, or they may only need to speak to a certain number of people that have used a product, for example. If you are not part of the target group they are looking for, or if the target group you are part of is full, the survey will end here. We say you have been 'screened out' or the 'quota was full'. This is a normal part of the market research process, the more we get to know you, the better we'll be able to send you surveys that you do qualify for. However if the quota is full or you get screened out, we will still give you 2 Nectar points for getting that far.

Once you have qualified for a survey, and completed it, you will be eligible for the Nectar points that were advertised on the introduction page to the survey. These will be credited to your Nectar account within 28 days. 

For more information about Nectar Canvass have a look at our  FAQ's Privacy Policy  and  Terms and Conditions , and feel free to  get in touch .